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No.1 Southeast Asian HR Solutions Provider

Today, more than ever, technology is becoming essential to connect and advance people. We at RAMSSOL Group, have a keen understanding and deep insights to people management and its technology.

Established to cater to the unique needs of each region's different markets, we are constantly innovating in our core people management, collaboration, and engagement solutions as well as the areas of future technologies, to enrich our clients’ experiences and empower them with the necessary technology to thrive in their daily business.

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  • Promote transformation to global institutions with comprehensive tools and technologies to connect students and campus.

  • Real-time information transmission to bridge gaps and improve communication.

  • Provide a smooth flow within the organizations in all aspects of student management from enrollment to graduation.

For Educational Instituitions

For Educational Institutions

  • Dynamic & fast-growing family

  • Passionate about people empowerment through technology

  • Inspired to create a shift in an organisation’s culture, that has people/employees at the core

  • RAMSSOL is present in your every step: toddler –professional

For People

  • Passionate and serious about creating, sharing & building tech solutions with people at its core.

  • Driving employee engagement & business strength through creative platforms that encourages borderless interaction

  • Encouraging clients to upskill employees; preparing clients and people to be ready for digital transformation

For Organisations

For Organisations