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Does working 9 hours per day and 5 days per week will ensure maximum productivity? Or is it possible to switch to a more flexible work day but with the same output?

One of the ways to enhance productivity is to recognize the potential of productivity tools. Imagine a tool that can help you simplify and automate mundane and time-consuming tasks, allows more space for seamless collaboration, and reduce human errors in managing work projects - intriguing isn't it? With the right tool, businesses can elevate their growth and revamp their work system in no time.

5 Benefits of using productivity tools in your organization :

1. Improved Work Quality

One of the most noteworthy improvements is the quality of work within the organization. Productivity tools make it easier to attain goals, assign tasks, track progress, create and analyze reports, and smoothen communication between teams/departments across the organization. This ensures seamless and effective real-time communication.

A few clicks are all it takes for a team to share information, share work updates, and review on-going projects thus, improving the overall quality and creating a satisfying end product.

No more running around the big office, chasing after your colleagues just to ask for that little update than can easily be done using a tool. All you need to do is sit at your table, and do a few clicks!

2. Effective Collaboration

Businesses these days strive to manage collaboration(s) while working on multiple projects simultaneously. This condition, if prolonged can be quite risky to the organization overall's productivity and progress. It is of the essence for all businesses to know the proper way to manage and identify the long lists of pending and ongoing tasks/projects in order to ensure all employees are able to deliver results on time.

Implementing a productivity tool eases the process of allocating tasks/projects and keeping up with all the updates real-time. Employers can share information or documents from various sources to the team as they work to ensure every end is updated on the progress.

3. Greater Communication

Effective communication is truly the foundation of every successful business. Especially since the sudden outbreak of Covid-19, versatile communication tool has been the most crucial necessity to every organization, big or small.

A top-notch communication tool will warrant a smooth communication across organizations, at all levels, be it external or internal. With only a few clicks here and there, communication can easily be integrated to make work processes more streamlined.

With features like audio/video calls, file sharing and editing and real-time collaboration platform, all employees can effortlessly connect with each other even when working remotely.

No more going through so much hassle, traveling day and night just for that 45 minutes meeting across the state!

4. Enable Remote-Working

Ever since the pandemic hits, it has thrown most businesses off course and they had to come up with more flexible working policies that enable remote working. Working from home has now become a new norm, however, it comes with many hurdles too - arranging meetings, communication gaps, keeping up with updates, and so on.

But with the right productivity tool, everyone can work remotely, from any location and with optimal productivity.

Productivity tool will ensure every single employee can depend on one another, virtually. Equipped with the proper tool, they can put in their best effort regardless of their location.

Employers can work from under a tree behind their house, or by the sidewalk as they wait for their laundry and still get to give their best.

5. Easier Performance Tracking

Running a business means it is very significant to stay updated on every single project at regular intervals. It is essential to know how a project goes, how the team members are performing as they work on it, and if they are issues that needed to be resolved - so many things. And of course, the management would always request for an overview of all the projects in order to maintain smooth communication with the client.

Imagine all the hassle of having to call one person and then another, and then another, opening multiple documents from different applications all while trying to communicate with everyone at the same time. So exhausting. Thus, the productivity tool comes into the picture.

With this tool, managers can create and assign tasks accordingly, determine goals and deadlines and set a clear timeline before executing the project.

Performance and progress can be viewed real-time as employee work on them. This gives more transparency and accountability into the work system, instills a good working environment and indirectly motivates employees to perform better. In a nutshell, productivity can be improved in no time.

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Writen by Hanani Bakari



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