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5 Onboarding Ideas to Engage With Your New Hires

You may have participated in an excessively long onboarding session at least once in your life, and even worse, you may have felt like you didn't learn anything significant after the session was over.

However, research shows that employees who have a positive onboarding experience are 18 times more loyal to their company. Furthermore, a solid onboarding procedure guarantees that 69% of workers stay with a business for three years.

With all these benefits, it is essential for employers to provide new hires with enjoyable and engaging onboarding processes. So, how can you ensure such an experience?

Offer new hires a companion for a while:

New hires often have many questions but may feel hesitant to ask. It's important to provide them with someone they can turn to whenever they are confused. The assigned buddy can also introduce them to other workers at the company and help them make friends.

Incorporate games and other activities:

One essential component that significantly improves the efficacy of your onboarding program is incorporating fun into the workplace. Games can be used to build connections between new hires and existing staff members or to introduce them to various departments and locations within the office.

Help them envision a future with the company:

To facilitate effective learning, productivity, and passion in new hires, it is crucial to assist them in envisioning their future within the company. When they can see the potential for growth and improvement by being a part of the organization, they naturally become more enthusiastic about their work.

Share the company's history with new hires:

It is important for new hires to develop an emotional connection with the company. Take some time to explain to them the company's beginnings, challenges, successes, mission, and vision. When people become emotionally invested, they are compelled to perform to the best of their abilities.

Maintain a relaxed pace:

Employees who experience stress early in their careers are more likely to be motivated to leave the company. Therefore, it is essential for you to educate them at a comfortable pace. This approach will allow them to acquire a strong professional understanding and a clear grasp of the situation.


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