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5 Ways Managers Can Help Stressed Remote and Hybrid Employees

Managers can help remote and hybrid employees by providing support, resources, and opportunities for rest, relaxation, and growth. Check out these five easy ways managers can help their employees from getting burned out.

As the working environment changes to accommodate remote and hybrid workers, more and more of them are reporting to have higher stress levels. Employees are feeling burned out, as they work longer hours coupled with other at-home responsibilities, interruptions and unstable internet connections.

Here are 5 ways managers can help out remote and hybrid employees from getting burned out :

Switch Off Your Cameras

A study from Stanford University found that people get tired from attending back-to-back Zoom video calls and online meetings. So, managers need to factor in the length of the meetings and the need to turn on the camera. Meetings that are hours long might be bearable with cameras switched off. Looking pretty for the camera is stressful! Encourage Questions and Asking For Help

Asking for help can be difficult to do and most of us feel pressured to have all the answers even when we don't. Sometimes it is okay to admit that you do not have the answers and this can help employees manage their stress levels. Managers have the responsibility to encourage the team to ask questions and seek help when they need to. Take Sick Days and "Sad" Days Off

When needed, take a day off or days if you need to. Remote and hybrid employees feel uncomfortable taking off days. But just like being physically ill, we can be mentally unwell too. Managers need to be transparent when they need to take time off so that the other employees feel more at ease too. Just be sure to inform the team. So take a day off and take care of yourself. Prioritize 'This' over 'That'

When doing a task, people have their own requirements and they want to do a 'perfect' job. Managers can help with managing expectations when you tell your employee where to prioritise. Which can save employees a lot of time and energy when accomplishing a task. So, let's finish 'this' first then we can think about 'that'. Setting Boundaries To Respond

People can get stressed if they get work emails and messages late at night or on weekends. So, managers need to set up boundaries when responding to or sending work emails and messages. Encourage them to work wisely during working hours and take the time after working hours to spend time for themselves or with friends and family. Feet's can help you and your employees with our Pulse Survey, which gathers and assesses the stress, happiness, and engagement levels of employees. Visit our website to learn more about how to boost your company's engagement level!

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Writen by Hanani Bakari



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