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Create a More Efficient Workflow with Cloud Technology

Cloud-based technology has changed the way we store and share information. With the presence of such technology, we do not have to rely on physical data and documents when we want to share information.

On a business scale, this technology enables companies that have many branch offices locally and abroad to work efficiently.

This efficiency is created through the need for large server space, complex IT installations, and expensive business trips because all operational data from any location can be stored on cloud-based servers.


Cloud-based technology does not require inventory such as IT infrastructure and a hard disk. Companies do not need to set up physical spaces that require expensive electrical energy consumption and cooling systems and, there is no need to hire additional IT experts. The absence of these things will reduce spending very significantly.

Easy to Collaborate Remotely

For companies that have branches locally or abroad, cloud technology can help employees to keep in touch from anywhere. If the headquarter needs data or documents from the branch office(s), they do not need to physically deliver or transfer those data and documents. With cloud technology, this can be done digitally and more quickly.

Even working on documents with a team that is spread out in various locations can be done together in a single view.

High-Level Security

When viewed from the security system, cloud-based technology has a layered security system and is guaranteed ISO certification. All data that is entered into the computer will be stored and can only be accessed by certain parties.

Mobile Friendly

With cloud-based technology, complex systems such as HRIS, Payroll, and even employee work collaboration can be easily accessed via mobile phones. This convenience will be very beneficial for employees with the availability of many ways to access data, make changes and share information and documents needed for other teams and departments.

How Cloud Technology Helps HR Work?

The HR department is a department that plays an important role in ensuring the sustainability of HR in the company. In the conventional process, the HR department must perform many administrative processes such as counting employee absences, managing leave requests, inventory and employee assignments, dividing schedules, and writing reports.

Imagine if the entire administrative process is carried out without the help of technology, the HR department would not have time to build quality HR strategically and also develop long-term plans.

With cloud-based technology, HR departments can work faster, more accurately, and efficiently. For example, when HR does attendance recapitulation, HR no longer needs to check every hour of employee attendance and record it in an excel or CSV file.

Through the implementation of a cloud-based system, an individual can directly see the entire presence of employees even those located in foreign and domestic branch offices and the system will automatically calculate each category such as delay, absence, overtime, and others.

This attendance calculation is closely related to the payroll that will be converted automatically and accurately. This minimizes human error and also facilitates the calculation of different individual benefits such as overtime fees and income taxes.

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Writen by Hanani Bakari


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