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How to build an organization to suit the new generation.

Millennials and Gen Z are taking over the workforce, and they have very different expectations from their employers. The way you manage your employees at work needs to change - here's how you can adapt more effectively.

A recent survey of employees revealed that the majority of workers in many organizations consist of Generation Z, or people aged 26-37. Gen Zs tend to factor in fun workplace environments, healthy working practices, and compensation when choosing which jobs to take. What companies should look for in employees when hiring - age and gender not being the factors.

  • Skills.

  • Potential

  • Cultural Fit

  • Attitude (Mindset)

Interesting examples of welfare for Gen Z as they need more flexibility in the workplace :

  • Flexible working hour

  • Flexibility to work from anywhere

  • Freeflow coffee and beverages

  • Budget allocation for employees' skill development

  • Equality in workplace

The challenge in today's HR management is to maintain good relationships with employees and not view them as a "waste of resources" that can easily be replaced. Every person has his or her own personality, therefore there should be two-way communication within the organization to allow for a better understanding of their needs and improve their development.

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Writen by Hanani Bakari



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