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Save Time on Recruitment with Laiye Resume Matcher

Laiye is a platform that aims to be a capital machine for HR. IDP system is a technology that can extract unstructured data from Excel that is easy to read and with an organized output.

Starting from the job application process, we can set the system to read the applications and only selected candidates with the qualifications closest to what we prefer, leaving only shortlisted ones. HR can then easily choose to interview those who have the preferred qualifications.

When done manually, it may take 1-2 months with more manual labor. But with RPA, we can save time and require lesser manpower. There might be only one HR employee required in the future to complete the entire process within only 2-3 weeks.

Begin your Digital Transformation and HR Transformation to increase efficiency, reduce workflow and make your organization better through consultation with us at Rams Solution. Interested, click on the connection application:

Writen by Hanani Bakari



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