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Well-being Dimensions of a Good Employee Wellbeing

Workplace routine has gone haywire when the pandemic struck. Employees had to adapt to the new norm practices and this has made some problems very obvious.

Employees in the workplace are now having problems with job security, financial hardship, and lack of social contact and the ongoing pandemic has led to increased stress in the workforce. Companies have to first understand the four dimensions of integrated well-being is the key to creating greater and healthier employees.

1. Physical Well-being Health is a way of choice, a lifestyle, and forming healthy habits can be difficult for some people. Companies can help employees by providing initiatives to exercise programs or organising events.

All employees are an asset to the company and taking the initiatives to help them become healthier will at the end profit the company.

2. Mental and Emotional Well-being: Emotion is equated with our EQ and as humans we have to be aware of our own thoughts and mental condition.

The first thing companies need to do is to be aware of the state of mental wellbeing their employees are in before they can try and address the issue.

Feet's employee engagement application can help companies address these issues. The app sends out pulse surveys to determine stress and happiness levels of employees.

3. Social Well-being: Being socially connected is an instinctive nature for us as humans. We need understanding and connection as we seek to interact with others.

The workplace is a huge social circle where employees need to interact with diverse personalities and knowing how to support and collaborate with one another. We need to be able to successfully resolve conflicts and adapt to changes everyday as we go through our working life too. Bad communication leaves a sour taste in our work proficiency.

4. Financial Well-being: Employee's financial-wellbeing is also critical as having financial problems can result in stress as well, especially in this pandemic where some people's income were suddenly cut off. Being financially secure includes knowing how to manage your income with your outcome and knowing to not only save money but to also invest it as well.

We need that comfort that in the future if we need to we can pay for things like college, retirement and cope with financial shocks. Think long term and be financially futuristic!

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Writen by Hanani Bakari



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